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Name: Smart Wi-fi thermostat
Material:  anti-flammable PC
Temperature Sensor: NTC
Temperature Accuracy: 1 ℃
Power Consumption:<1W
Voltage: AC 110-230V 50/60Hz
Load Current: 3A/16A
Temperature Setting: 5-90℃
Key: Touch key

Packing List
–1*User Manual

–1* External Sensor(3m) (Note: just 16A thermostat have External Sensor)

The smart Wi-fi thermostat is perfect compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Yandex Alice. Just simply give a voice command to your Yandex Alice, Alexa or Google Home Assistant to control your devices when you are on go.

LCD Touch Display
Large LCD touch screen display with back light, easy to read. Elegant appearance, one face design, anti-scratch.

Accurate Temperature

Internal sensor floor sensor, perceptive ambient temperature and the floor’s temperature. Automatically obtain the temperature, 1°C accuracy.

Weekly Programmable

The thermostat supports different temperature setting accordingly with 6 time-modes daily.

Memory Function

No need to worry about power failure, data memory when power is off.

Children Lock

Keypad locking function is designed to prevent children from operating by mistake.


Suitable for electric heating/water gas boiler/water heating. Perfect for home, office, shopping mall, hotel, etc.

Wi-Fi Thermostat
Liquid Crystal Digital Display Heating Temperature Controller

High Precision Large Screen
LCD Display Large screen liquid crystal display, clear and intuitive reading
LCD Display and Touch Control
Large screen LCD with backlight, touch screen. Easy to read and used.
Control by voice when your hands are not free
APP Remote Control
Control the thermostat anywhere/anytime via phone APP
Weekly Programmable
5+2 / 6+1 / 7 days, the thermostat supports different temperature setting accordingly with 6 time-modes daily
Comfortable Temperature 1°C Accuracy









Tuya Wifi Thermostat

Funksjon 1

boiler thermostat

Funksjon 2

warm floor thermostat

Funksjon 3

gas boiler heating thermostat

Funksjon 4

thermostat temperature controller

Funksjon 5

thermostat for gas boiler

Funksjon 6

thermostat 220v

Funksjon 7

temperature controller

Funksjon 8

wifi heating thermostat


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