X220 X230 DIY upgrade modified high score screen FHD 1080p kit adapter board


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The kit includes: adapter board, msata base, screen cable, fpc cable, screws.

This kit only supports ThinkPad X220 X230 1080p FHD screen (resolution 1920X1080) modification.

The pcb board is made of immersion gold process and SMT patch, which is stable and reliable!

Note: This is a DIY product, which requires a certain amount of hands-on ability. After the kit is on the machine, the repair will not be guaranteed!

Kit features and principles:

1. X220X230 high-resolution screen modification completely abandons the copy mode. After modification, it is equivalent to an independent external display. Modification needs to occupy a set of DP signals of DOCK and one USB signal or one DDC signal. DP signal transmission and display, USB or DDC control backlight And standby and other synchronization signals, you can brush the BIOS to shield the signal output of the internal screen (comparable to the original screen function, the original vga dp interface does not affect the external display and has no trouble).2. The screen line adopts the finished EDP screen line with reliable quality, so as to avoid the uncontrollable quality of small factory customization.

3. After the screen is modified, the second screen alone will automatically turn off the modified screen (really cut off the power of the screen

source), in expansion, copy, and independent display modes, the backlight can be adjusted by the APP software or by pressing on

The machine keys are cyclically adjusted (with memory brightness function), support native FN shortcut keys, and one key to turn off the screen

screen and press the power button to resume. There are also automatic brightness reduction and standby sleep when idle are the same as the original

LVDS screen is the same.

4. MSATA3.0 modification, leading SATA signal from DOCK, the difficulty is that it is difficult to achieve impedance matching due to structural layout constraints. This modified PCB adopts a double-sided design to reduce costs. In order to meet impedance matching, an impedance matching IC has been added. Meet performance requirements!

Compared with the original machine interface running score: Dedicated dimming software

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