TMC-1000 Temperature Controller Smart Digital LED Display Pre-Wired Temperature Controller Socket w/Sensor Smart Home Automation


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This temperature controller features a pre-installed cord attached to your electrical outlet, an outlet to plug your appliance into, and an LED display showing the current temperature and start/stop temperature. The device is easy to install and debug, and can be freely switched to heating or cooling. It is very accurate to maintain the temperature to the required altitude. Plug and play design, easy to use. Suitable for refrigerators, greenhouses, kennels, incubators, etc.

Simultaneous display of measured temperature, start temperature and stop temperature.

Digital tube LED display, clear reading, 4 buttons, easy to operate.

Front cable with plug, plug and play design, easy to use.

Heating/cooling mode, the user can freely set the start/stop temperature.

Temperature measurement range: 9°C to 99°C; resolution: 0.1°C.

Also has a temperature calibration function.

Indicator light to indicate working status.

Wide range of applications, such as fish tanks, floor heating, greenhouses, etc.


This controller cannot be used with air conditioners and compressors.

Temperature measurement range: 9°C~99°C

Control accuracy: 1°C

Measurement accuracy: 0.1°C

Resolution: 0.1°C

Power supply: AC 110V-240V

Plug Type: US Plug

Refresh rate: 0.5s

Temperature Calibration Range: (+/-) 9°C

Measurement input: NTC (10k0.5 %) waterproof sensor

Output: One side load of relay 10a

Quiescent current: less than 40ma

Pick-up current: less than 65ma

Working environment: 10°C~60°C, humidity 20%~85%.

Working mode: heating or cooling

Power cord length: about 150cm / 59in

Package Included:

1 x TMC-1000 Temperature Controller

1 power plug (with US/AU/UK/EU Plug to choose)

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Model Number

TMC-1000 Intelligent Temperature Controller


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