Infrared Induction Wireless LED Night Lights Bedroom Decor Light Wall Decorative Lamp Staircase Closet Room Aisle Lighting


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The cabinet light uses high-efficiency LED technology: high efficiency, power saving, long life, no radiation, energy saving, environmental protection, explosion-proof, luminescence.
LED closet light is suitable for various places and the latest light emitting device that will replace traditional bulbs.
Motion sensor light adopts advanced human thermal infrared detection and induction technology, which is different from traditional and common technologies such as voice control, touch, buttons, etc; Rechargeable LED light is high sensitivity, anti-interference, silent, has the fast response speed and long sensing distance.
Rechargeable cabinet lamp has the small power consumption, and it is non-contact, which can protect people’s health.
The optimized induction control design can realize the light on when people come, automatically delay the light out; built-in light sensing device, automatically identify the day and night state, automatic standby during the day, and sensor light at night; stylish appearance design, exquisite and ultra-thin, with reasonable structure, cleverly fixed, installation without screws.
Material: aluminum alloy.
Power supply: USB charging, 500mAh polymer battery cell.
Delay time: 15 seconds (the light will automatically turn off after 15 seconds when the human body is not detected in the sensing range). Power-on self-check time: 15 seconds.
Induction method: human body infrared induction.
Induction control: built-in light perception, infrared human body induction.
Sensing distance: within 3-5 meters.
Size: 190x30x15mm.
LED life: more than 50,000 hours.
LED brightness: 0.8W.
Number of lamp beads: 10/24LED.
The operating temperature of the lamp: -10~50℃.
Sensing angle: 120 degrees.
Three level adjustments:
Level 0: closed.
Level 1: Sensor full brightness + light control (only at night).
Level 2: Always on (bright in any environment).
Level 3: induction semi-bright + light control (only bright at night).
There might be a bit color distortions due to different computer resolutions.
There might be a slight errors due to different hand measurement.
Package Included:
1 x sensor light.
1 x 30cm charging cable.
1 x soft iron piece.

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