5PCS/LOT L6225N DIP-20 Bridge Drives IC New Original


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The price of all goods is based on consultation. Because we have a lot of electronic components, we can’t upload them one by one. If you can’t find the model you need in our store, please contact us and we will make an offer at the first time. Professional supporting IC: home appliance IC, automobile IC, communication IC, IC from major world famous manufacturers and other electronic components package: chip (SOP), direct insertion (DIP), four sided (QFP), triode, diode, module, PLCC Our store supports the order of all: power IC, resistance capacitance inductance, switch, USB, socket, diode triode, optocoupler series, IC electronic components, etc

1. About the packages signed by the buyer: each of our packages is packed in a reliable and secure way, but sometimes the rough delivery by the express company will lead to the loss or damage of components. The resulting losses can be claimed by the express company. If you find that the package is damaged and the electronic components inside are exposed, you must carefully inspect the goods.

2. After sales service: If you have any problems after receiving the goods, please contact our store first, and we will give you the best solution. If the components not purchased in our store are burnt out due to welding, foot cutting or other man-made reasons such as the buyer’s misoperation, as well as the components are damaged due to insecure packaging on the way back, our store will not replace them, and the buyer will be responsible for the freight for the replacement of non quality problems.

Dear, after receiving the goods, please do not forget to collect the small store, and give a positive comment + full score of the store. Customers are above us, and you are satisfied with our pursuit. Welcome to buy our products, and wish you a happy shopping.

3. The original chips sold by our shop, the burning and other man-made damages caused by any kind of computer operation or solder shear pin customer error or other reasons are not accepted.

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